HSBC on the Future

Natural futures, courtesy of HSBC.

HSBC on the Future, Advertisement Spotted in JFK Airport, June 2013

This poster is part of an ad campaign that I spotted recently at JFK airport.  I was being shunted down the jetbridge when I got out my camera, hence the rather poor quality of the photo.  The fish has a barcode on its side, and the ad campaign itself envisions a kind of free-trade neoliberal utopia facilitated by a world saturated by technology, as exemplified by our ichthyic friend here.  You can peruse other selections here.

There’s much one could say about this campaign, and more one should say about HSBC’s astonishing criminal record  (i.e. money laundering for drug cartels).  But I’ll restrain myself and offer this image as a blurry object of contemplation.

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