Top Posts: A Field Guide

If you’re a new reader, let me first thank you for stopping by! This website comes from the conviction that the work we do at the university and in the humanities deserves to be out in the world. To that end, here is a running overview of my top posts, a sort of field guide to this site.

1.) Literary Scavenger Hunts. Here I visit some of the places that I encounter in my readings that happen to have real-world counterparts. Photos and relevant excerpts in English and in German connect the places to the texts.

A tour of Wilhelm Raabe’s Brunswick and surrounding areas.

In and around Berlin with Wilhelm Raabe and Theodor Fontane.

Spindlersfelde and the Eierhäuschen: Places from Stechlin now in ruins.

2.) Here is where I lay out some of the social history of German realism, illustrated with interesting maps, and how I came to asking about realism and the environment.

3.) A few thoughts on past and present discussions in ecocriticism.

My skepticism about the usefulness of C.P. Snow and the persistence of his “Two Cultures” speech.

My take on the volume Uncommon Ground, which caused no small uproar upon its appearance.

4.) “Off the Shelf”: Interesting and relevant things I’ve been reading.