About Literary Ecology

About the blog

This blog is a space for for sharing interesting discoveries made as I continue my research on environmental representation in the literature of German realism, along with other reflections and reading experiences.  As an American Germanist, I am particularly interested in finding points of transatlantic dialogue on environmental and other matters. The blog is titled “Literary Ecology” for two reasons. First, because the main focus of my research is in literature and “ecoaesthetics” more broadly. The second reason comes from the more utopian (mis)appropriation of Haeckel’s definition of ecology as “die gesammte Wissenschaft von den Beziehungen des Organismus zur umgebenden Aussenwelt, wohin wir im weiteren Sinne alle “Existenz-Bedingungen” rechnen können (286).”  At another level appropriation, literary ecology is a way of imagining literary dialogue and the texts’ relation to their own outer worlds.